Bush Etiquette

Bush Etiquette

We have a rule at Kwenga; our Rangers are there to ensure that you are well informed and that you enjoy your stay to the fullest extent possible. If you have any questions or there is a particular area of interest you have, please ask questions and discuss your interest/s with your Ranger.
If you or anyone in your party should have a medical condition please alert us before your arrival when providing us with booking information.

The Game Drive vehicle is equipped with a basic medical kit. This handles the very basics. You must ensure that you bring any medication required to cover your specific medical needs.
During game drives, mobile phones, iPads and other similar devices may be used for photographic purposes only. These devices must be switched to silent so as not to disturb other guests, rangers or wildlife.

No telephone calls may be made or received whilst guests are on game drives.

Kwenga is part of a strict rhino poaching controlled area and therefore photographs of rhino using these devices are not permitted.

Mobile phone coverage (MTN) and wireless internet connectivity are available at the Kwenga Safari Lodge. However please note that the use of laptops and cell phones are restricted to individual bedrooms out of respect for other guests.

Should you have any queries regarding the use of electronic devices and mobile phones please discuss these with the camp manager.
The ranger may carry a high-powered rifle during game drives or bush walks, which is there for your protection. He is trained and efficient in the handling of the rifle. Stay behind the rifle at all times.
Smoking and cigarette butts: No smoking is permitted while on a game drive or bush walk. During a drinks break it may be possible to have a cigarette, but please ensure that you have the necessary means to ash into and dispose of your cigarette butt when you are finished.

Litter: It is important that the game reserve remain litter-free. Do not throw anything overboard! This includes decomposable items like fruit skins. No one would like to spend the time and money to visit Africa to take a photograph of a wild elephant with a banana peel at its feet! Please discard these items inside of the vehicle.
We strongly suggest that you consult your Doctor on Anti-malarial prophylactics as we are in a Malaria zone.

For Game Drives we suggest warm clothing in summer and for the winter Game Drives we suggest very warm jackets.

A good pair of Binoculars.

Good walking shoes, sun hats, sunglasses & sunscreen

Commands: These could include keeping still when a predator or other animal walks in close proximity. Even small movements may agitate an animal and make it feel uncomfortable.

Radio: Every vehicle is equipped with a radio, which the ranger uses to communicate with other rangers. Please be patient while he is talking on the radio, as he is more than likely listening to information that may benefit your experience.

Ask questions: No matter how dumb you consider your question, please ask. By asking questions you help your ranger to ensure that you enjoy your stay and leave well informed on the environment. The only useless question is the one not asked!

Speak quietly at sightings: It is not necessary to whisper at sightings unless indicated to do so. Talking at a level so that everyone on the vehicle can hear is acceptable. Please take the other vehicles at a sighting into consideration.
Elephant - Big 5 at Kwenga Safari lodge

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